PINK SPORTS BRA // SHORTS // RUNNING BELT // TANK TOP // LEGGINGS STRAPPY SPORTS BRA // JACKET // WATCH // SOCKS // SHOES With the weather warming up in Chicago, I’ve been going on runs rather than going to the gym more and more. Maybe it’s my inner high school track athlete getting fired… View Article

The Weekly Edit: Running Gear, Links I Love, and a Blogger Link Up

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With the weather warming up in Chicago, I’ve been going on runs rather than going to the gym more and more. Maybe it’s my inner high school track athlete getting fired up–I always feel inspired to run in the spring. Running requires slightly different gear than just hitting the cardio machines at the gym. Lets review:

  • Sports Bras – Running requires much more support out of a sports bra than just hitting the elliptical or the stationary bike. Luckily, most stores these days sort their bras by support level, so just look for maximum support. I like Target’s sports bras–they’re good quality for the low price.
  • Bottoms – I like leggings for cooler temperatures, but shorts are an absolute requirement once the weather gets even a little warm. I like shorts with a spandex layer like these, because they allow the shorts themselves to be nice and short and cute, but keep you totally covered up no matter what happens.
  •  Tops – No real change here. I like cute tops with lots of exposure on the back to show off a brightly colored/strappy sports bra underneath. I also often go for semi-sheer tops. I’ve always wanted to embody the look of a VSX model in just a sports bra and leggings, but honestly in the real world that comes off as way too slutty. This is a nice compromise.
  • Jacket – Go for one with monkey thumb holes, a full zip (for easy removal), and pockets.
  • Socks – I’m a huge fan of Puma’s running socks. I wear them pretty much all the time, even when not running. I like the low rise, cushioned variety–they keep my feet nice and comfy.
  • Shoes – I just replaced my older Nike Pegasus running shoes with these Lunar Tempos, which are one notch up in the cushion department. I like them for running on concrete (which I’m always doing, living in Chicago). I prefer black running shoes, because then they pair well with non-workout clothes for when I need to walk a long way (which happens often, living in a city). To newer runners, I can’t recommend enough that you get yourself fitted at a brand agnostic running store. They can help you find which type of shoe is best for your running style. In Chicago, I prefer Fleet Feet.
  • Accessories – If you’re into running, you cannot go wrong with a Garmin running watch. I really love mine. I always run faster when I know my pace, and it’s nice to be able to know how far I’ve gone if I haven’t mapped my route out ahead of time. It was a great investment. If you’re training for a longer run, or if you’re running on a hot day and don’t have a jacket or anything with a pocket for your keys, I strongly recommend a running belt like this one from TKO. They recently sent me one to review, and I found it to be high quality and full of space for things like Goo packets, keys, and anything else you might want with you–you could definitely keep a phone in this belt if you wanted to, since the pockets are expandable. Plus it comes in some fun colors, including pink (my favorite).


Links I Love:

> Making simple substitutions can often be the key to saving hundreds of calories. Here’s a list of a few you can try.

> Here are five affordable professional outfits to wear to work this spring.

> The tips from this plus-sized stylist are useful for anyone. I definitely need to get some pleated trousers.

> Sole Society has some seriously cute sunglasses right now. This gradient lens tortoise shell pair, this clear-framed mirrored pair, this nude round metal pair, and these knockout white frames are among my favorites.

> While I may not have always been the most logical person, in my adult life I’ve continually worked to be increasingly logical in my decision making and my arguments, and I think it’s improved many aspects of my life. Here’s a cheat sheet for the most common logical fallacies, all of which should be avoided.

> Instagram has decided to pull a Facebook and make changes that will alter your feed to show and hide content based on how many likes it gets. And how much ad money the poster paid. Here’s a run down on the changes and what to expect.

> Jennifer Lawrence’s trainer shares some great tips for achieving balance in your quest to be healthy and fit.

> These nude block heeled sandals need to get into my closet.

> Love poetry? Here are seven poets to follow on Instagram.

> I’m currently sitting in the office with wet jeans after getting stuck in a downpour during my morning commute. Sigh. Here are some good tips on what to wear to work when it’s raining.

> Continuing in her quest to become my favorite person of all time, Emma Watson recommends subscribing to OMGYES, a website which focuses on educating people about the female orgasm and pleasure.

> Best-selling author Jessica Knoll reveals that she was gang raped at 15, and this inspired the experience of the main character in her best selling novel. I’m pleased with the support she’s receiving, and glad she’s sharing her story.

> These exact stretch ankle pants in mint from The Limited would be a great enhancement to any wardrobe–they’d pair so well with everything!

> What happens to your body when you cut out alcohol and caffeine for a month. I’m not sure I could live through 31 days sans coffee or a cocktail.

> How can you make any outfit look expensive? A camel coat is the answer.

> 9 common mistakes you’re making in the kitchen, and how to fix them.

> This author stands up for her right to dislike babies. I share her sentiments.

> Here’s a dose of spring cuteness: bunnies eating salad.


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  1. Cute post. Love all the links to the posts you’ve been digging lately! Also, I agree, there is something about Springtime and the warmer weather that just calls you to get outside!
    Happy Friday

    Betsy Burleosn on April 1, 2016   /   Reply
    • Thanks, Rach! Yup, thumbholes are key on any workout jacket.

      Joules on April 1, 2016   /   Reply
  2. I love everything at Sole Society right now! I also love reading easy calorie substitutions. Thanks for sharing!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    Amy Arnold on April 1, 2016   /   Reply
    • Thanks, Amy! I pretty much want everything that Sole Society is selling at the moment. So many beautiful shoes and accessories!

      Joules on April 1, 2016   /   Reply
    • Thanks, Ada! Pink is my go-to color for workout gear (and really… for most everything–I’m basically Elle Woods).

      Joules on April 1, 2016   /   Reply
  3. I workout every day so this is a great post. Love the sports bra!

    Oh to Be a Muse on April 1, 2016   /   Reply
    • That’s awesome, Cheryl! I shoot for 5-6 times a week. I definitely think of it as my time to relax and destress. Dressing cute is part of it!

      Joules on April 1, 2016   /   Reply
  4. thanks for hosting this link up! I love all the sports bras and leggings here! need more workout and athleisure inspo :)

    Tianna on April 1, 2016   /   Reply
    • Thanks, Tianna! Cute workout gear is so important for staying motivated.

      Joules on April 1, 2016   /   Reply
    • Thanks, Alecz! I love a good strappy sports bra.

      Joules on April 4, 2016   /   Reply
  5. Thank you so much for in iting me to your link-up, Joules! It’s always great find interesting new blogs, and yours seems very interesting.

    Tiina L on April 1, 2016   /   Reply
    • Thanks, Alice! A workout wardrobe makeover is always a great way to keep motivated.

      Joules on April 4, 2016   /   Reply
  6. Thanks for the invite to the link up!

    Cute workout clothes! Maybe I should get some new workout clothes to up my motivation a bit! :-) Great links, too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    Andrea@WellnessNotes on April 1, 2016   /   Reply
    • Thanks, Andrea! Cute workout clothes always motivate me to go to the gym.

      Joules on April 4, 2016   /   Reply
  7. We have Fleet Feet here in St. Louis and I always go to them for my running shoes! I love the back of that strappy sports bra!


    Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom on April 1, 2016   /   Reply
    • Thanks, Carrie! Fleet Feet is a great running store–I always go to them when I need new shoes. They put on nice runs in Chicago too. A lot of our 5Ks that are run by national groups end up having problems (long registration lines, inaccurate race lengths, etc.) but the ones that Fleet Feet sponsors are always really nice and well run.

      Joules on April 4, 2016   /   Reply
  8. Great pin board of fitness looks to get us inspired, I may not work out in them, but at least I look good trying in. :)

    xo Sheree
    IG: @Poshclassymom

    Sheree on April 1, 2016   /   Reply