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travel diaries   ·   12/07/2015

Travel Diary: Northern Michigan

Chicago to Grayling travel map

Longstanding tradition dictates that every fall, in the middle of November, we go to hunting camp. I’m a rural Midwestern girl at heart, so this doesn’t seem strange to me, but I do understand that it might seem strange to many of you out there. When I described going to hunting camp to several of my coworkers they all seemed surprised that hunting whitetail deer is even a thing people do, and they were doubly shocked to find out that it’s something I’m interested in. For this, I have to credit my father, who has been an outdoorsman his whole life and introduced it to me at an early age.

This post will both detail our adventures on this trip and explain a bit more about what hunting camp is and isn’t for the uninitiated.


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travel diaries   ·   09/20/2015

Travel Diary: San Juan Islands and Mount Hood


This Labor Day we decided to visit family out on the west coast. We spent the first half of our trip visiting my husband’s aunt and uncle at their beautiful home on San Juan island, a small island off the coast of Seattle in the Puget Sound. The second half of the trip we spent with my brother George and his wife Aimee. They were unfortunately (but understandably) unable to make it out to our wedding the Caribbean last spring, so part of the impetus for this trip was to spend some time with them to celebrate our marriage, but also to celebrate theirs. They moved out to Oregon from Michigan after they were married two years ago and I hadn’t yet been out for a visit. We decided to rent a cabin together near Mount Hood so we could spend our days hiking and being active and our nights making dinner together and relaxing. We had a fabulous time.

The photos below are a more in-depth view of our trip. I hope you enjoy–feel free to put any comments or questions in the comment section at the bottom. And a fair warning: this is an extremely photo-heavy post, so please give everything a moment to load before diving in.


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Weekly Reading   ·   07/10/2015

Joules’ Weekly Reading

Covered Bridge in Indiana near Crawfordsville

DRESS – Old Navy (previously featured here)
SANDALS – Kate Spade (similar)
WRISTLET – Kate Spade
WATCH – Michael Kors


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