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Weekly Reading   ·   03/14/2014

Weekly Reading: SXSW Edition

1 > I recently learned that Lyndsey Scott, a successful model who walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, is a web and app developer. This was thrilling, as it’s rare to even find women who work in my industry much less women who work in my industry and enjoy fashion. Her response to this question on Quora, “What does it feel like to go from physically unattractive to physically attractive?” is highly quotable.

2 > I just discovered you can shop online for your own private island. Check out that price slider: $0 to $50,000,000. Rich people sure are different.

3 > My favorite talk at SXSW was from Sung Kim, in which he explained how we should be making mobile apps. His ideas, illustrated quickly in this 6 minute video, are excellent.

4 > As a victim of street harassment–and lets face it, what woman who has ever been on a street hasn’t been?–I’m a fan of the I Holla Back movement, which I heard about at SXSW.

5 > I attended a feminist panel at SXSW that discussed what we can do to bring more young women into math and science. I think A Mighty Girl might be a good place to dip your feet into the water on this idea.

6 > This is pretty agency specific–I promise this is the last SXSW-related link–but if you do work at an agency, check out the ideas presented by The State of QA. I think they’re brilliant.

7 > Bazaar’s list of 11 things every fashionable woman should own before 30 is pretty darn smart. I’m doing well by this list, but I still need a signature flower and a beautiful timepiece. I’ve always been a fan of Lacoste’s watches.

8 > Who What Wear’s list of 26 DIY fashion hacks is pretty interesting. I like the t-shirt idea–I may have to try it.

9 > Love this piece on the positivity of being ladylike from Hello Giggles.

10 > I can’t decide if I love this cropped pink moto jacket from Zara or if it’s entirely too much for me. This yellow spring jacket, however, is exquisite.

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