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  1. Ju. Is there a way to “follow” this blog? So that when you update it I get a link in my email or on Facebook?

    • There is! You just need to “like” my Style by Joules Facebook page. If you look in the sidebar to the right there are some black icons for the different social networks I’m on. The first one with the “f” is Facebook. Click on that then like me, and every time I update it should show up in your feed. :)

      admin on June 12, 2013   /   Reply
  2. I came to your blog through a comment you left on CapHillStyle a few weeks ago…and I’ve been checking for your updates since! I don’t really follow a lot of fashion blogs, but I’m loving yours. You have a true eye for style and thrift-chic!

  3. Hi! I came across your blog & figured i’d pass along my favorite fashion community/website/app. Bib + Tuck. Ever heard of them? You can sell your things, and shop other people’s closets. They created shopping without spending too! You have a great style, so thought i’d pass along the word. They could be a cool blog post too?


  4. What products do you use in your hair? It always looks amazing. New to your blog, love your low budget features!

  5. I started SST as a health/fitness blog but had to expend it, too. We’re about so much more than one topic!

    P.S. We have waaaay too much in common:
    – I’m a born/raised Chicagoan, most recently living in River North before we randomly decided to move to Denver (love it)
    – While I went to Miami of Ohio, I spent several weeks at UofM. Mud Bowl and fish bowls… #memories, ha

    Glad you popped by! Can’t wait to follow your adventures! (I’ll check you out on Instagram, too!)

    XO, Jessica

    Jessica @ Semi-Sweet Tooth on March 4, 2016   /   Reply
    • Hi Jess! So glad you came by the blog. We do have a lot in common! I actually remember that Miami of Ohio beat our football team my freshman year as the first game of the season. Everyone was not happy, lol.

      Definitely going to follow your blog as well! :)


      Joules on March 7, 2016   /   Reply